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How to Convert Picture to Caricature Online Free (Videos)

If you’re looking for how to convert picture to caricature online free, this article will help you.

Have you ever wanted to have a caricature from one of your pictures?

If so, forget about the idea of ​​hiring a caricaturist or paying for an expensive application to get it.

Nowadays it is possible to find numerous online websites, platforms and apps where you can do this work on your own completely free of charge.

If you want to get started right away, this video can help you.

In general, all these platforms work in a similar way. They allow you to upload images from your computer or from the web, and turn them into a caricature automatically.

Some are more flexible than others, so they will offer greater filters or editing options to customize the final result.

The resulting image can be downloaded and from that moment you can work on it as you wish. This is an excellent alternative to stylize your photos and make them even more fun.

For this reason, caricatures represent a great alternative to diversify your stock of pictures.

In order to make your life easier, here are listed some suggestions regarding websites where you can perform this task.

All of them have pros and cons, and some specific differences that will be very important when making a choice between them.

It’s time to have fun with your pictures, let’s see the 10 free online tools and apps you can use:

1.   Cartoonizer

Without a doubt, Cartoonizer is one of the most popular websites for this purpose. Not only is it recognized for the high quality of the images they offer, but for the ease with which it can be used.

Watch this video to learn how to create caricature with Cartoonizer tool:

The user simply must access the website, upload the photo to be processed and select the cartoon effect of his choice.  The result: a striking caricature quickly and free.

Cartoonizer is not just a website, it is available as a destock software too. There, its editing options are much more complete in order to provide results even more professional.

These packages constitute the paid version of the interface.

2.   Befunky


As in Cartoonizer, Befunky is a platform that’s widely known among caricature lovers. As in most of these types of web pages, the steps to follow are very simple.

Simply go to Features in the upper right corner of the interface, and select “Cartoonizer”. From there you must click on get started, choose apply artsy effects and upload your picture.

The most outstanding feature of this platform is the variety of effects and editing options available. Unlike other options on the list, the user can do much more than get cartoons in Befunky.

This website was inaugurated in 2007 and from that moment on they were consecrated as the pioneers for this type of image editing websites.

Thanks to its constant improvements, today it is one of the best suppliers of cartoonizer online.

3.   Kuso Cartoon

kuso cartoon

With Kuso Cartoon online conversion tool, you will not need to register an account or log in.

Once you upload your image in Choose file, you must insert at least one label and select Cartoonize photo.

Afterwards, you will be able to follow the options to adjust all the details needed to get the perfect cartoon version of your picture.

4. is a highly recommended platform if you want to work only with faces. As in the previous platform, in it is not necessary to log in to transform images into cartoons.

Once you have uploaded your photo, you can cut, edit, and share it in a social network or save it to your hard drive.

5.   Toony Photos


ToonyPhotos is a practical website which allows you to convert any type of photos into a cartoon. Unlike other platforms-like Wish2be-all the elements inside the picture are transformed, instead of changing people’s faces.

Something important in ToonyPhotos is the size of the selected picture, so it is advisable to reduce the large photos before requesting the transformation. Within the page there are options to make to resize the photos in bulk.

6.   Wish2be


If what you want is something really personalized and fun, then this website is ideal for you. It is one of the few websites where you can convert your image into a cartoon, and also make changes to the rest of the image.

You can choose a distorted funny body, great graphic elements and a stock of different background to modify the original one.

This platform is automated in a different way to the previous ones. Once you upload the photo, you will be responsible for designing your cartoon, unless you opt for any of the prefabricated forms. The page also has paid options for more professional versions.

Wish2Be is one of the most complete options, being its most outstanding feature the great amount of options to edit. However, it can be used just if you want to get a cartoon from a person instead of an entire picture.

7.   TheCartonist


TheCartoonist has been characterized by its concept with regard to cartoons as a form of artistic expression and also because it is exclusive for the professional caricature of faces.

Its attractive website works in a similar way to the platforms already mentioned, so it will only be necessary to click on “Cartoonize me” to obtain the desired image.

Some of the requirements to obtain an image from TheCartonist are:

  • To find photos where people are facing forward, otherwise, there will be no recognition for the caricature.
  • To include the entire face and hair.
  • To use a picture completely clear.

If the selected image complies with all these characteristics, you can upload it to the web page wait for the result to be sent by mail, in JPEG format.

TheCartonist is the website of an artist from the internet, who is responsible for making the caricatures individually. You can also contact her via email for personal inquiries from the website.

8.   Portrait Illustration Maker

portrait maker

Are you looking for a new and daring avatar for your social networks? Then Portrait Illustration Maker is for you.

In this platform you can create any type of avatar, either to use it in your blog, in a social network, etc.

Despite being exclusive for the creation of avatars, it has numerous options for its creation.

It is totally free with a stock of different elements for the characterization of faces, such as hair, eyes, eyebrows, nose, glasses, etc.

Unlike previous platforms, the interface does not generate caricatures in automatic ways.

In this case, instead of uploading an image, here you must create the illustration from the elements that most resemble the morphological characteristics of your face. When it’s done, you’ll just have to select the option to “save the image as”.

Definitely, this is an excellent option for those who specifically need this type of cartoons.

9.   Dumpr


Dumpr is not specifically a web page to make cartoons. However, as an online photo editor, it offers this option.

It is a very complete interface, where there are a lot of effects available, including cartoon filters.

Of course, Dumpr is much more limited compared to the previous options to convert pictures into caricatures.

However, it could work as a great complement if you want to do improvements in the cartoons obtained from other web pages.

10.  AnyMaking


AnyMaking provides you with a great number of tools to make changes on your images. After you get the caricature, you can take a photo and apply filters to it, cut, rotate, resize, etc.

The predominant difference with the previous options is the limited focus in the caricature section, since it is a platform of general editions for images.

Do you want to create your own Caricature? Try Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator

In the previous list are included several websites where you can get your cartoon automatically.

This is ideal for those people who do not have a good management of other design tools, where the work is arduous but customizable.

However, if the situation is the opposite, then it is important to know where it can be done manually and get a totally personalized job.

For this, two of the most elementary and used pieces of the Adobe package can be put into practice: Photoshop and Illustrator.

At this point, you should say goodbye to the automation that all the previous online proposals presented.

In principle, you will need your digitized image, to later define vectors and start placing color pieces on the entire image.

Undoubtedly, there’s no accounting for taste and both these tools and the aforementioned websites are clear examples of it.

If you choose to create an image and demonstrate your great skills in design, then these are the most recommended options.

If you need something simple, quick and easy to use, then use the previous listed ones.


Images speak louder than words, especially in these days. We are facing audiovisual content anywhere, especially now that social networks are an important part of our daily lives.

Having attractive images with defined artistic styles is a relevant issue to millions of people around the world.

Faced with this, technology has given answers. Platforms to transform images into cartoons have become popular because the images obtained are incredible and very versatile.

Whether as content for a network, or for other types of projects (as a custom comic) these images can be used in a lot of situations.

The best of all is the simplicity that these platforms handle. Anyone can make use of it by simply following a few steps and a few minutes.

The choice of the most recommended site will depend on the characteristics of the image and the purposes that the user has regarding the cartoon.

Some websites are more appropriate than others for certain types of caricatures, as some of them work just with faces, while others are designed for entire pictures.

The most appropriate way to find the relevant platform is testing them. Do it and compare the results.

In this way you can characterize which are more appropriate for your images and which platforms seem easier to handle, more flexible or more striking.