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Motion Graphics Inspiration: 50 Best Motion Graphics Examples You’ll Love

In recent research carried out by Cisco, it is predicted that by 2021, videos will account for 82% of all web traffic and by 2020, 75% of all mobile traffic will be video as well.

Now, those are some impressive stats, however, in order to maximize this futuristic knowledge for your brand’s marketing endeavors; you need to take the bull by the horns and introduce some video marketing into your campaigns. And one of the best ways to do this is through motion graphics.

So, what are motion graphics? If your definitions are a little rusty, well, motion graphics are basically graphic designs in motion. It’s the art of adding dimensions to still, flat graphics. They are extremely effective tools for storytelling.

You can get inspiration from some or all of the amazing motion graphics that are outlined in this article. All you need to do is to use the relevant motion graphics as a template for yours.

Carefully examine the motion graphics that you like and incorporate the elements into your own creation.

Experiment with every aspect of the animation including the audio, typography, footage integration and animation styles till you get the perfect video that you desire.

It is, however, important to note that you need is to identify exactly what you wish to do wish to achieve by making a motion graphics, it could be for an educative purpose, for entertainment or even for promoting a product or a service.

When done properly, a motion graphic is engaging to the viewing audience in captivating narratives. They possess the capacity to evoke emotional reactions from the viewer as well as act as an information medium, which is why it’s essential for brands to utilize motion graphics.

As a matter of fact, studies have shown that 90% of information is transmitted to the brain visually, and 65% of people are visual learners and 1/2 of the human brains is solely dedicated to visual learning.

These facts show the power of introducing visuals to your marketing and informative campaigns or for whatever reason you may need to use motion graphics to pass across a message.

Now, the examples you’ll come across in this write-up are the best examples of the amazing effectiveness of motion graphics.

This random list is not in any form of rank and reveals from all niches/industries various stories, methods and topics from numerous brands and editorials.

So, let’s dive into them and see the best 50 motion graphics examples of all time!

1. Adam Gault’s Gettysburg Address

The Gettysburg Address is one of the most powerful speeches ever given by Abraham Lincoln on the 19th of November 1863 is resurrected by Adam Gault in this captivating motion graphic.

2. Microsoft Bing Search Application by Column Five

This is a great example of an educational or informative motion graphic for the Microsoft Bing search app detailing the features and workings of the application.

3. Silent by Creative Agency

Creative Agency puts the thrills of the big screen on display with this motion graphic.

4. Perception7’s Explainer of Academy of Business

This short video is an excellent example to take a cue from if you’re trying to switch things up concerning your informative marketing strategies.

It does a great job explaining what the Academy of Business has to offer to its audience.

5. Be Work Happy

be work happy

This animation was developed by WeAreFormation with the aim of adequately informing potential customers of services offered by the brand Krow. The organization offers services that allow its users to get the right job based on an in-depth analysis of their CV.  

6. Cub Studio’s American Football Guide

Remember how easy it was to understand a book in high school when your teacher showed the entire class its movie?

That’s exactly what the American Football Guide does. It literally creates a fun and exciting motion graphic that explicitly explains American football to the average viewer.

7. Squiryl- How it Works

Squiryl is an application that monitors it’s users reward programs across multiple stores, however, like a lot of apps out there, most people simply don’t know how to utilize its full function. This is why the DHNN Creative Agency created this explainer video to reveal to users all about the app.

8. How Nuru Works

Nuru Media creates this video tagged “how How does Nuru work?” to show how Nuru is beneficial to the world at large.  

9. Carl Segan’s Pale Blue Pot Order Productions Motion Graphic

Everyone knows Carl Segan’s monologue “Pale Blue Pot”. However, Order Productions motion graphics take on it unleashes the power behind it.

10. Star Wars and Samurais by Whalerock Industries

That’s a weird caption, right? Well, it’s one of the best video’s you’d ever see.  This amazing video by Whalerock Industries does a magnificent job in detailing out the connections between the sci-fi movie series Star Wars and ancient Japanese Samurais.  

11. Follow Your Dream

This motion graphic was created by a power trio, namely Gloss Creative, Joe Donaldson and Jay Quercia. The collaboration took advantage of the inspirational power of motion graphics and took a Seneca College example and transformed it into a motivation piece.

12. Binalogue’s the Consumer in Tesseract

Explainer videos are a major part of motion graphics and this video is no different.  It was created with the goal of accompanying a script for an online platform tagged “Trends 2016”.

13. The Long Live New York Informative  

This is awesome motion graphic is a powerful animation that reveals the truth about organ donation.

14. Social Tech Infographic Animation by Tomer Gerbi

This is a unique video created by Tomer Gerbi as it merges the power of infographic and animation into one. Though it’s a short video it quickly details social tech to the viewer in a manner that’s simple to understand and keeps the viewer engaged.

15. Back to the Start by The Creative Artists Agency

One thing that’ll endear consumers to a brand is how much they think the brand cares about them. This is why marketing personalization is such a huge thing with 63% of millennials, 46% of baby boomers and 58% of GenXers willing to reveal personal information to a brand as a result of personalization.  

Chipotle’s take on showing the effort spent on their customers is this animation, which reveals the brand’s ability to create quality products while using sustainable and local techniques.

16. PostPanic’s Jaffa-posters

Pop culture has a thing for retro creatives and this motion graphic commercial from the drink brand JAFFA gives the culture just that.

17. The New York Times Logo by Vallèe Duhamel

Vallée Duhamel literally exhibits the definition of motion graphics by bringing the logo of the New York Times to life in this brilliant video.

18.  2Factory’s Mobile Trends of 2014

This motion graphics creative by 2Factory can be rightly tagged “informative”, as it runs through the various 2014 social media trends in such a way that it seizes the attention of the user.

One thing to note is that the mobile world is in constant evolution, as a matter of fact, research showed that just between 2012 to 2018 there was a 199.5% increase in mobile traffic ad-spend.

Trends like this are what 2Factory excellently captured in their video.

19. BBC Knowledge by WeAre17

This interesting motion graphic is created for BBC Knowledge by WeAre17. It is stuffed full of insights, statistics, and facts that would interest any user who is addicted to knowledge.

20. MuscleBeaver’s How Your Money Works for You

MuscleBeaver does an excellent job here in creating this quick but informative video on how you can make money work for you.

21. Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity by Eoin Duffy

Created by Eoin Duffy, this motion graphic on Einstein’s theory of general relativity can make anyone sound like a genius as it does a great job celebrating Einstein’s work.

22. Brian Marsh’s Success in the New Economy

Sponsored in totality by Citrus College, this educative motion graphic was developed to enable people to adequately prepare for the realities of tomorrow’s labor market.

23. Zino’s Ipad Reader by Marcus Eckert

Like every other app in order for it to be properly utilized by consumers, an informative guide must be created and Marcus Eckert does a great job at this with the Reader motion graphic which helps users understand the latest updates of the app.

24. The Genealogy of Innovation by Golden Wolf

One of the most famous brands worldwide is Nike and this excellent motion graphic developed by Golden Wolf takes the viewer on a journey from their startup days to their current state of total domination.

25.  David Murawsky 18 Things About Genetics

This film reveals some amazing and captivating facts about genetics and DNA.  It is quite powerful in its educational capacity as any good motion graphic should be.

26.  Anatomy of a Computer Virus by Patrick Clair

This is an animation made for HungryBeast, an Australian television program. Anatomy of a Computer Virus gives a breakdown of Stuxnet.

Stuxnet is regarded as the first weapon that is totally made out of codes. It is a computer virus that is made of a rootkit, a worm, and file shortcut and it was designed with the sole purpose of disrupting specific programming instructions.

Anatomy of a Computer Virus by Patrick Clair helps viewers to understand how the malware works through animations. It is very detailed but simple to understand video.

27. Cinematics by Pier Paolo

This super amazing animation will give the viewers a nostalgic feeling. This animation brings historic cinematic characters back to like in a very modern and interesting way. The animation revolves around the illustration of the timeline of characters and historic classic films.

28. The ABC’s of Architecture by Federico Gonzalez and Andrea Stinga

This is a wonderful motion graphics that show the amazing buildings that have been made by the most renowned architects in the world. It is quite educative and informative especially for people in the field of architecture.

29.  Luibelle by Toondra Animation Studios

This is another wonderful motion graphics. It revolves around showing examples of branded content. The Luibelle motion graphics is an educative explainer video that captivates every single viewer. The message is easy to understand and the motion is fast.

30. Be Sexy, Be Smart by PlusOne

Having a great message is one thing and passing across the message in a way that it appeals to the viewer is another thing. This great motion graphics achieves the two. The target audience for this motion graphic is in Soa Aids, Nederland. It is colorful and the imagery is engaging and captivating.

31. Social Media and You by Binalogue

Who says you can’t use motion graphics to draw attention to a product or service you are about to launch?

The Social Media and You motion graphics does exactly that. It was made to help in launching the brand new social media strategy pack that was being launched by the British Council. This motion graphics hits the nail on the head.

32. Bananas by Xander Marritt and Elias Freiberger

This is not your regular motion graphics, it may seem weird but it is indeed very interesting. The major tool used in this motion graphic is symbolism. In it, bananas are used to symbolize life, the conscious and subconscious. It is strange and quirky but it is awesome.

33. Game of Thrones: An Animated Journey by BlackMeal

For every lover of Game of Thrones, this beautiful animation will definitely appeal to you. Various excerpts from Game of Thrones are depicted in a very beautiful animated format.

34. Chemistry and Energy Efficient Buildings by Diemo Barz

This animation is solely based on enabling the participants of a conference to understand the vital information that was discussed during the conference. It illustrates the results of the research made by BASF.

The animation is very detailed and accurate and conveys the necessary information in an easy to understand way.

35. Stanley Kubrick by Hyejin June Hong

Documentaries about the life or history of a person, product or company can also be depicted through motion graphics. This excellent motion graphics illustrate the history and life a great filmography Stanley Kubrick.

36.  29 Ways to Stay Creative by TO-FU

Just as the name implies, this cool motion graphics by TO-FU gives viewers tips on how to be creatively productive.

The high intellectual capacity of the staff at TO-FU is responsible for the amazing work on this motion graphics; it is made to help people in need of advice concerning creative productivity.

37. Camping by Monologue and George Zestanakis

Animations can also be used to introduce consumers to a newly launched or rebranded service or product such as a mobile app or a new sales outlet.

This is exactly what this animation by Monologue and George Zestanakis does introduce consumers to a new product or service. The video is eye-catching and interesting.

38. Haïkus in Motion by Sébastien Girard

Image result for Haïkus in Motion by Sébastien Girard

If you are a poet or a lover of poetry, you will instantly fall in love with this animation. It makes use of expressive imagery to bring poetry to life in a unique and amazing way.

39. The Pursuit for Educational Equity by Column Five

This educative motion graphics explore the problem of educational equality. It doesn’t just stop at that, it goes further to provide hints on how the access gap can be breached.

This motion graphics is highly informative and educative and it can be easily used for relevant educational content.

40. The World is Obsessed with Facebook by Alex Trimple

This is a very beautiful motion graphics that passes across a very strong message to the viewers. Even though the message is weighty, this motion graphics is very informative and interesting.

41. Short Animated Movie by Weltenwandler Design

It is a very beautiful motion graphics that are designed to look like a video game. Even though it is non-interactive, it gives the viewer a feeling of submersion.

42. How to Feed the World by Denis Van Waerebeke

Passing across a message and educating children and young adults can be very tough but this captivating motion graphics make it very easy. It creates a perfect Avenue for educating young adults and children in how to tackle one of the important global issues – hunger.

43. Skype for Business by PowToon

A lot of people use Skype but they are oblivious of the value of it especially in terms of business. This motion graphics depicts how efficiency in business can be boosted using Skype. It is a cost-effective method that every business owner should know to deploy.

44. A Dash of That by J-Scott

Sound Design: A Dash of That from Sono Sanctus on Vimeo.

Blog and social media platforms and outlets can be promoted u dining animations. This motion graphics were designed to promote the Tumblr account “A Dash of That”.

It is very colorful, well designed and can serve as a template for people looking for how to make motion graphics to promote their social media outlets.

45.  Bitcoin Explained by Duncan Elms

Virtually every important information, you need to know is explored in detail in this animation.

This three minutes video can enlighten a novice on all there is to know about bitcoin. It is self-explanatory, straight to the point and highly informative.

46.  Coffee in 200 Frames by Dum!Dum!

Coffee in 200 frames from Steffen Lyhne on Vimeo.

The length of animation doesn’t really matter especially if it passes across the desired message to the target audience. Even though this animation is short, it is designed to bring to life a part of our daily activity that we don’t really make much of.

The steps on how to brew a cup of coffee are detailed out in a simulating way in the animation

47.  How to Bloody Mary by Matteo Inchingolo

How to…Bloody Mary from Matteo Inchingolo on Vimeo.

The name may raise your eyebrow but it is an educative animation. The creator of this animation takes advantage of the teaching medium offered by motion graphics to guide viewers on how to make a classic brunch beverage. It is straight to the point and self-explanatory.

48. Subprime by Beeple

One amazing thing about motion graphics is that they can be used to simplify complex topics and concepts that people find hard to understand. Subprime is a motion graphics that simplify the complex nature of the housing market crash in the United States of America

49. A History of the Title Sequence by From Form

As the title implies, this motion graphics gives viewers beautiful imagery of the history or title sequencing. Title sequencing is an art form that a lot of people are not really conversant with.

50.  Inspiration by Rafa Galeano

INSPIRATION from Rafa Galeano on Vimeo.

Conceptual thoughts can also be illustrated using motion graphics. Inspiration by Rafa Galeano illustrates a Conceptual thought with the use of colorful animation.


One of the easiest ways to get motivation is through successful examples and that’s what this article has done for you, I’m sure.

Regardless of whether you want to create your own motion graphics or simply desire to be educated about motion graphics these examples are the best motion graphics you’ll find.

Whatever the objective is, ensure that the motion graphics you create are capable of sensing across the right message to your target audience. Pay attention to every detail of it and be sure that every piece of it is appropriate.

Don’t forget to put all the skills required to create good motion graphics into use. In case you have forgotten what the skills are, here is a short reminder.

These are the required skills traditional art skills, graphic design skills, 3D design skills, a good understanding of typography, understanding of color theory, creative thinking, technical skill, originality, interpersonal communication and an understanding of animation.

Equipped with all these skills and the great inspirations above, there is no doubt that you will definitely be able to make amazing motion graphics.

They display the aim of any motion graphic which is information. Irrespective of the originator of the video, the purpose is to enlighten viewers on the particular topic.

As we already saw in the introduction, visuals are the most effective way of passing across information and that is exactly what motion graphics is all about.